Backyard Patio Ideas

Outdoor patios have come a long way in recent years; from basic patio paved areas to extensive outdoor rooms, there’s something for everyone. The goal of the backyard should be to have it become an extension of your home. Our backyard patio designers offer their backyard patio ideas, expertise and experience to make your dream space a reality.

What that extension looks and feels like will be determined by a few factors:

  • What’s your budget?
  • What will you be using the space for? 
  • How much room do you have?
  • What is the neighbourhood structure?
backyard patio ideas

Determining Your Budget

The first thing to consider when planning your outdoor space is your budget. Your budget is the most significant determinant of the scope of construction. For a basic patio with no other features, a design is not necessary. Your contractor can help you choose a paving material that suits your home exterior and budget. The most budget-friendly material will be an interlocking brick, while the more expensive materials are natural stone and porcelain tile.

For more extensive construction, consider hiring an experienced designer. The assistance and guidance of a professional designer give you the ability to visualize your space in 3D and enable you to make any desired changes on paper before construction begins.

backyard patio ideas

What is Your Space’s Purpose?

The purpose and general use of the space play into its design. Do you want to cook and entertain? Then a barbecue space and dining area should be a primary focus of the plan. If you prefer a quiet, relaxing place, adding privacy screening, softening plants, and water features help create an ambiance that will set you in a relaxed state of mind. 

To create an “outdoor room” experience, think of creating a similar feel as you experience indoors, but with the beauty and serenity of the outdoors. Determining the purpose of your space will help make the backyard part of the home rather than a separate place. One of the things we like most about our indoor rooms is privacy. We can relax and unwind without the feeling that someone is watching or listening to our every move and word. We can create this same comfort level outdoors with the addition of privacy screening, vertical walls and overhead structures. Protective structures tell our subconscious mind to relax and shelter us from some of the harsh elements of nature. The level of construction needed will depend on what you will use the space(s) for. 

backyard patio ideas

Utilizing Your Space 

How much space there is to work with will play a significant role in the layout of your yard. If it’s a large country property, then the scale of each area will be essential to consider. Your designer can use walls and verticals to create interest and multiple “rooms” within a space. An example is a waist-level hedge that separates a barbecue area from a seating area. Rather than having everything in one open space, a simple hedge creates separation and adds intimacy to each space, similar to what you experience indoors. For smaller urban properties, the same thinking applies only on a smaller scale. A creative designer can use these same tools to create different areas within your yard. 


The existing layout of your neighbourhood will also define how you will design the space. If your home has neighbouring homes with clear views of your backyard, then creating privacy screening is a top priority. A luxurious, beautiful space will go unused if a person does not feel secure in the space. There is a reason people don’t live in glass houses, and for that same reason, we all want privacy in our outdoor spaces. 

Other neighbouring factors could be large trees blocking the sun, open spaces with blowing wind or an area with harsh afternoon sun. A good designer will spot these things quickly in their site assessment and design accordingly. 

backyard patio ideas


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