Commercial lawn mowing services


Commercial Lawn Mowing Services

Ariss Landscape Inc. has been providing commercial lawn maintenance services in the Guelph, Kitchener/Waterloo areas since 2004.


  • Our company runs the latest turf mowing equipment and provides traditional mowing, bagged mowing and flail/bush-hog mowing services. Each service includes trimming of perimeter areas and blowing of paved surfaces.


  • Along with mowing we offer top notch fertilizer and weed control packages and provide many other maintenance and construction services to our clients.


  • Many of our clients have us service their properties in the winter along with their summer services.

Full Season Plan

  • Seasonal payment terms paid monthly
  • Weekly lawn cutting and trimming

Per service plan

  • Payment on a per-service basis invoiced monthly
  • Weekly lawn cutting and trimming

Fertilizer & Weed Control

  • Optional seasonal fertilizer program
  • 3x applications (spring, summer, fall)
  • Weed control available

Experienced staff always has foremen with 10 plus years experience on site

Our experienced, mature staff take pride on their work, ensuring nothing but high quality commercial lawn maintenance service

Flexible contract terms for unique client situations

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Ariss Landscape provides exterior landscaping for residential and commercial properties

We provide exterior renovations of residential and commercial properties with expertise in interlocking and concrete driveways, excavations, and grading.