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Front yards are becoming places where people interact, play and live. Some sit on their front porches, chat with neighbours and greet those passing by. Whether you intend to create a relaxing escape, a lively entertaining area for your friends and family, or increase the value of your home, our designers make your front yard landscaping Burlington dreams a reality.

Our leading front yard landscaping services have paved the way to establishing Ariss Landscape as a premier design and build company in Burlington.

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Work With The Top Front Yard Landscaping Company in Burlington

We work with a network of top designers in Burlington to create an aesthetically pleasing and architecturally fitting design. Our goal is to keep your front yard looking beautiful all year. As a result, we employ proper construction techniques and select plants fit for every season, allowing them to grow, bloom and interact with your environment year-round.

At Ariss Landscape, our team is trained in landscape design and build, construction, interlock driveway installation, snow removal and more.

Front Yard Landscape Design Options

Creating harmonious front yard landscaping designs is easy as long as you start with a strong design plan.

By placing walls, planters and trees, you transform how you relate to your yard.

With three different options carefully crafted by our designers to help you envision your front yard landscaping design:


This basic plan outlines the general design of your proposed yard design

3-Dimensional Concepts

This is the best value option as it provides a solid conceptual view of your home and front yard design

3-Dimensional Fully Rendered

A fully rendered, 3D design provides the best realistic view

Front Yard Landscaping Design Principles


Form is the overall shape and structure of your front landscaping. The hard surfaces such as walls, steps and paving should complement the architecture of your house. Create focal points with form with features such as specimen trees, walls or pillars. At Ariss Landscape, our front yard designers use form to draw your eye towards or away from property elements.


Balance creates harmony within the landscape. Your future front yard design can use elements such as colour, texture, and form in different landscape areas to create a balance from side to side. Examples of balancing the landscape would be to plant a large canopy tree to offset a prominent peak of the house or use similar colours and textures on both sides of your garden. Without utilizing the balancing principle, the front of your home can look offside.


Repeating materials, colours, textures and forms within the landscape creates more harmony and helps it look unified, like matching your shoes with your belt. Using groupings of odd numbers of plants throughout the garden, pulling colours from the house in your hard materials and mimicking rooflines or corners from your house to landscape are examples of repetition.

Steps to Creating Your Perfect Landscape Design

At Ariss Landscape, our front yard landscaping process should take three days to two weeks to complete, depending on the extent of construction and scale of the property. Our experienced designers constantly strive to find something wonderful, new, and unique in their front yard designs in the Burlington area. We focus on consistent quality and appreciating the vibrant natural twists and turns of a beautiful outdoor environment for front yard landscaping Burlington.

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Initial Consultation

At your first landscape design consultation, we focus on understanding your goal, budget and go through your inspiration photos. Every home has a unique structure, topographical elevations and grading, sun exposure, colours and neighbourhood elements. It can be an intimidating endeavour to remodel home’s exterior. Determining the purpose and general use of the space will help make your front yard part of the home rather than a different space.

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Design Process

A design is an extremely valuable tool to help you visualize your plans before construction begins. When building your landscape, a design will help you see a realistic view of your vision on paper in 3D. At Ariss Landscape, we have three design options to choose from; 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional concepts and 3-dimensional fully rendered concepts.

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Front Yard Construction

Once the design of your front yard landscaping Burlington project is approved, we begin the construction process! This step entails excavation and removal of existing structures before installing subsurface materials and geotextile fabric. Based on your design, we install the base material for foundation and drainage. Finally, we situate surface materials for driveways, walkways and plant your chosen plants! Once complete, our team does a final site clean-up to leave your home looking spotless.

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Front Yard Landscaping Costs and Estimates

Your budget will be the most significant determinant of the outcome. The size of your construction project, machinery needed, the type of products used and the size of plants installed all play into the cost.

For a typical suburban home, front entrance landscaping typically ranges from $4,000 to $10,000. Additional exterior services such as professional interlock driveway installations cost $24-28 per square foot.

You can get a free quote for front yard landscaping by calling one of our sales representatives at 519-221-7672 or emailing our design team.

About Ariss Landscape Inc.

Established in 2004, no job is too big or too small for our professionals. Our team’s lead installer has over 30 years of professional experience. At Ariss Landscape Inc., we build our landscapes and driveways to last the long-term, using proper construction techniques and engineering specifications.

We also provide top exterior renovations and professional front yard designs for residential properties with expertise in interlocking and concrete driveways, excavations, excavations, grading and sloping, foundation wrap waterproofing and snow removal during the winter months.

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