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Natural Stone Steps

Natural stone is a beautiful, long-lasting, and natural-looking option for your landscaping steps.

Natural stone steps are the most durable option available for creating landscape steps. While other products, such as pre-cast steps, are designed to mimic the look of natural stone, the real thing is always the best choice.

Natural Stone goes with anything and everything; new and old architecture, brick and siding, pavers and concrete, lawns and gardens, pools and ponds, it compliments everything nicely and will never go out of style.


Natural stone steps will get better looking with age, as weather and traffic create character in their visible surface.

natural stone steps


Natural stone steps come in different shapes, with consistent riser heights. The shape can be random, saw cut with a natural face, saw cut on all sides or hand split on all sides. Another way to use natural stone for steps in with tiles. Saw cut or irregular natural stone tiles can be secured to the top and face of underlying concrete or pre-cast blocks.


Manufacturers use different technique to get unique finishes to the stone steps including flaming, honing, sandblasting, smooth-sanding, guillotining, and hand rocking.

To get a visual of all the different colours, textures and finish options locally available for natural stone steps click here.

natural stone steps
natural stone steps

Stone Types

Common natural stone types locally sourced and used in step applications are granite and limestone. These stone types are abundant in our local quarries but will also be imported worldwide.

Granite is a highly dense stone with many colours and naturally occurring character due to its coarse grains.

Limestone has very fine grains to it.

Ontario has an abundance of natural stone used in step applications, while some retailers will source products worldwide. Custom cutting is also available for unique settings.

Where to Use Natural Stone Steps

Natural stone looks good everywhere! Some circumstances call for a more subtle, natural look, while louder steps can be used as focal points in other scenarios.

It’s best to look in person at a stone supplier to choose the type of natural stone step you prefer. However, with so many stone types, sizes, and finishes, it may be helpful to have a landscape designer help you choose something that will compliment your home well.

Custom cut steps are another option if the site calls for it.


Landscape steps will often need bordering walls to tie them in without a significant fall-off to each side. Raising the soil from garden beds or lawns or constructing walls on each side of the steps are ways of bordering the steps.

Railings and lighting are nice visual accessories that also provide safety to the steps.

Curious about where the natural stone comes from in Ontario? Check out these quarry websites:

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