Commercial snow removal guelph

  • We offer 24hour commercial snow services to institutional, industrial, and retail locations.


  • Parking lots are cleared before the work hours begin with custom service plans available.


  • We apply a combination of liquid and rock salt to speed up the melting process and reduce salt usage. Our lots are often the first in their areas to be ice-free and dry.

Equipped with the latest, high-tech snow removal equipment including 100HP tractors, wheel loaders, metal press live-edge plows, and both liquid and rock salt capabilities. We also offer environmentally friendly ice-melt upon request.

Our experienced, mature staff take pride on their work, ensuring nothing but high quality, fast commercial snow removal service.

We only fill our schedule with what our capacity allows for. Too often snow contractors cannot handle the workload they have booked, leaving customers with poor service. Client service is our focus.

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