Sod Installation

Why Sod is a Great Choice

Sod installation will give your property an instant, lush lawn. There isn’t much compared to sod when installing a new lawn, creating instant curb appeal. In southern Ontario, sod is primarily grown using Kentucky Bluegrass, a thick, dark, and soft grass that can be seen on the fairways of golf courses all over Canada. Installing sod is an easy way to create a new-looking, beautiful property.

Instant lawn means quicker use, essential for heavily trafficked areas and spaced where erosion may be an issue.

When Should You Install Sod?

Spring and fall are the best times to transplant any plant, including sod, but planting can be done any time of the year, as long as proper watering is completed.


How is Sod Installed?

  • Tilling and rough grading of the existing area to be sodded, removing rocks and debris
  • Power raking the final, smooth grade, ensuring the proper direction of water flow
  • Laying the sod with staggard joints to reduce erosion and long seams of edges which can dry out
  • Water daily, soaking deep into the roots for one week, every other day during the second week, and twice per week for the next two weeks. Watering should be completed in the morning or later afternoon.
  • Cutting should be done between days 7 and 10, ensuring no more than 1/3 of the blade is removed. Further cutting should be completed weekly, and grass length will be dependent on watering regularity, again ensuring no more than 1/3 of the blade is removed.
Sod Installation

Who Should Install Sod?

If your lawn is less than ideal, full of weeds, has bare spots, or is damaged from drought or salt, you may want to consider sod installation. Regular sod is NOT recommended for heavily shaded areas. Instead, a seed specifically selected for shade should be used in these areas.

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